Top 10+ React Graph Chart Libraries with Demo

A lot of time our websites may demand well representative graph-charts, specially websites having huge analytical representations must need an efficient way to demonstrate the data and analysis. Grpah-Chart libraries are best for the task.

React has gained huge popularity in recent time and here we are, providing you the list of best 10+ react graph chart libraries you can use.


Recharts is a redefined-composable chart library built with React and Data Driven Document. The main motive of this react library is to help the programmer build React application based charts without any headache.

React reChart

* Deploys simply with React components.
* Supports native SVG .
* Lightweight dependency only on few D3 sub-modules.
* Reliable and powerful.
* Has the highest git star (7500+) in this list.

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A great collection of composable React components for producing interactive data visualizations and modular charting. Victory is one the most popular react graph chart library available in the market. It supports all the basic charts and even animation too. The best part about victory is, it helps create custom charts, you can have multiple independent axis according to your need. With more than 5000 git stars, it needs no explanation.

react victory

* Composable React components for producing interactive data visualizations and modular charting.
* Supports all the basic charts like pie, bar, line and many more.
* Supports animation that can make your data visualization more attractive.
* Brushing and zooming.
* Supports event actions.
* Customizable layout.
* Well documented with 5400+ git stars.

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VX is the best implementation of D3 in react environment. It not only builds chart from data very easily but also helps generating different shapes like D3. But because D3 is considered as a low level library, working with it isn’t always enough satisfying. Well, VX has doubled D3’s power of construction, the combination of both of these has produced faster and better results.

* Easy to use.
* Use only the required packages, not the whole bundle.
* The next version will have animations.
* Supports all basic type of charts and many more.
* Also work with preact.
* Well documented with 3000+ git stars.

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React VIS

React VIS, an easy to use react charting library helps in visualization of charts, such as bar/line/area charts, scatterplots, heat maps, donut and pie charts contour plots, parallel coordinates, sunbursts, tree maps and radar charts.

React VIS

* Easy to use. Very simple.
* Composible visualization system.
* Flexible.
* Made for only graphs.
* Well documented with 2700+ git stars

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Nivo comes with a rich set of dataviz components,
built on the awesome D3 and React.js plugins. It helps producing responsive charts and they are highly customizable.


Features 2057
* Highly customizable.
* Responsive charts.
* Transitions/motion, powered by react-motion.
* Component playground.
* Exhaustive documentation.
* Isomorphic rendering.
* SVG charts.
* HTML charts.
* Canvas charts.
* Server side rendering API.
* SVG patterns.
* Gradients.
* 2000+ git stars.

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React ChartJS 2

Simply a React wrapper for Chart.js. It has all the basic react graph chart options you may need.

* Simple to use.
* Comes with all basic kind of react graph chart.
* Configurable and compatible.
* More than 800 git stars.

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Rumble Charts

React component helping you build flexible and composible charts to visualize your data. The developers of Rumble Charts have used the D3.js under the hood, but hopefully you won’t feel it most of the time. Its an animatable
react graph chart library that comes with various graph chart demonstrating options.

rumble chart

* Large range of graph chart patterns like bar, line, dots, cloud, pie, labels etc.
* Flexible and composible.
* Can created animatable graphs.
* The concept of Handlers makes graphical demonstration beautiful.
* Well documented with 200+ git stars.

Demo Download

React JSX Highcharts

A very useful react graph chart plugin (React version of the highCharts), comes with various pattern options. React JSX Highcharts is a very advanced react graph chart plugin that supports 3D charting, resizing, dynamically data updating and many more. Well, they charges few bucks for its use.

react jsx highcharts

* Easy to setup.
* Various graph-chart pattern options.
* Add/remove series.
* Event handling.
* Dynamically updating data.
* Reflow (Resizing).
* 3D Charting.

Demo Download

React Easy Chart

React Easy Chart aims for easy and fast implementation of graph-chart within a react application. This react graph char library comes with a very easygoing set up and requires the data only to render a chart. Under the hood it uses the amazing Data Driven Document for creating & rendering these charts into SVG.

* Very easygoing set up and requires the data only to render a chart.
* Support realtime data feeds by reacting to data changes passed into the props automatically.
* Fast rendering by using React to minimise the changes to the DOM as a result of data or props changes.
* Can be configured via props to allow features such as grids, width, height, axis and many more features to be added.
* Reactive and Responsive graphs compatible for any devices.
* Interactive via mouse and click events allowing interesting applications to be built without graphing knowledge.

Demo Download

React Fusion Charts

The React-FusionCharts plugin, along with FusionCharts Suite XT (that is a JS-based plugin having a huge collection of 90+ charts and 1000+ maps) lets you create interactive react charts and graphs for your mobile and web applications using only a single ReactJS component. But it is not freely available, you need to pay some bucks to get the licence.

react fusion chart


  • Uses just a single component to add a chart.
  • It is able to auto-update the chart object on modifying the data source.
  • Interactivity among charts.
  • Advanced controlling.
  • Can use various ways to add a chart, from JSON URL to Props Array Binding.

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A React + d3 library for creating sparklines �� implemented with vx. This react graph chart library comes with a huge number of graph chart techniques like XY charts, radial chart, event flow, histogram and many more. One of the best react graph chart library available in the market.


* Easy to implement.
* Code patterns available for all types.
* XY Charts, Radial Charts, Histogram, Event Flow, Data Table etc various options.

Demo Download

Comment below if you feel i have missed any that should be in the list.

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