Top 10 jQuery Infinite Scrolling Plugin With Demo

While constructing this article, i have realized there is always a tug-o-war between two types of people, one who prefers pagination and another one supporting the use of infinite scrolling, both are explaining hard proving the greatness of their preferred ones. Well, according to me, pagination or infinite scrolling both have their own uniqueness & use. Which one to choose depends on the criteria of the developer.
For an example, for google using pagination instead of infinite scrolling is much profitable and convenient where as social medias like twitter, facebook will always prefer using infinite scrolling as none likes to click every now and then while scrolling through their news feeds.

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What is infinite scrolling technique?

In web-development, infinite scrolling is technique that helps loading contents automatically as the user scrolls & reaches down to the page.
The best use of this technique can be found on twitter, facebook etc.

Here VoidCanvas is providing you the best 10 jQuery infinite scroll plugins.

Top 10 jQuery Infinite Scrolling Plugins:

Now when you have decided to use jQuery infinite scroll plugin, let VoidCanvas make your remaining task easier. These 10 jQuery Infinite Scrolling Plugins have all the features you may need, choose the suitable one for your website making the user interface more efficient & convenient.

jQuery Masonry


Masonry basically places the elements accordingly in the obtainable vertical space. A very popular plugin with almost 13,000 git stars.

Demo Download



Want smooth infinite scrolling? iScroll can definitely be the one providing you that. With a smart caching system it helps you generate infinite scrolling with reliable user-interface. Not only jQuery, it supports javascript too.

Demo Download



Waypoints makes executing functions easier while scrolling down to the page. You can transform “Next Page” navigation into an AJAX enabled infinite scrolling UI pattern using this simple plugin. Waypoints has provided well documentation, so implementing it won’t be tough for you.

Demo Download



A very light weight jQuery infinite scrolling plugin. Infinite Scroll automatically adds the upcoming page, saving the people from loading a whole page.

Demo Download



jScroll is a simple & easy to implement jQuery plugin for infinite scrolling. It is highly customizable.

Demo Download



This plugin will never let your users find any stopped point. jQuery-Endless-Scroll is highly customizable & comes with unique features too, such as adding SEO friendly URLs, data truncation, ability of up-scrolling & adding content to the top of the page.

Demo Download

Infinite AJAX Scroll

infinite ajax scroll

Infinite AJAX Scroll is an intelligent jQuery infinite scrolling plugin. It can turn your existing pagination system into infinite scrolling system. It reads the next/previous links of your existing server-side pagination and when the user reaches to the bottom it loads those pages via AJAX.
This approach, progressive enhancement, is also SEO-friendly and very easy to implement.

Demo Download


Auto browse

A widely used jQuery infinite scroll plugin you can definitely use. This lazy loader adds page content automatically using AJAX when the user scrolls down the page, with built-in browser cache. Simple to understand & easy to implement.

Demo Download

JQuery Infinite Scroll


Another simple jQuery infinite scrolling plugin making it possible to scroll texts or images.

Demo Download



Endless.js is a pure jQuery plugin that helps creating infinite scroll for HTML elements. It basically joins the bottom with the top or left with the right section thus creates an infinite scrolling illusion.

Demo Download

Final Words

I am sure this article will be helpful for you as all the above 10 jQuery infinite scrolling plugin is totally in active stage. Comment below if you have any query.

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