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Programming City: a feed engine for programmers

Programming City is providing you a platform to get programming feeds everyday. The bots of programming city are crawling the social media to search the most trending resources in programming world. With its version 1 launch on 30th November 2016 with minimum features, programming city promised to provide a comprehensive solution

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Setup your node.js project easily with voidcanvas-cli

npm install -g voidcanvas Use node.js v4.1.2 or greater. Assuming that you are familiar with node.js and have already installed void canvas cli in your computer globally, using the command given above; I’m starting the hows’ and whys’ of this Command Line Interface. What is this cli for In simple words, it just

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Move option from one select box to another and vice versa

What is PairSelect.js? PairSelect.js is a very light weight jQuery plugin to specially made only to communicate between two selectboxes in a html page. This works similar to the ‘Add Chanel’ feature of Google adsense. Or sometimes in forms we see the things like this. Now it is easy to remove an

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