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MVC vs Flux – which one is better?

MVC (client side) Flux Born on 1976 Born just a few years ago Bi directional data flow Uni directional data flow Data binding is the key Events or actions are the main players Controllers handles the business logic Store does all calculations Somewhat synchronous Can be implemented as completely asynchronous A trusted architecture used by a lot of companies in a lot

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React Tutorial: Two way data binding

Facebook react was not really made for two way data binding.  But by adding a little complexity we can make two way data binding easily. Normally in facebook react data flows only in one direction; that is, parent to child. So when a data is modified in parent, that reflects

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An Overview of Facebook’s React Javascript Framework

The javascript framework jungle is becoming denser day by day, as more and more framework trees are growing. Another new tree of this jungle is Facebook React. React is not quite like other javascript frameworks like Angular, Ember, Backbone, CanJs, etc. It’s made to solve very specific problem, “Complex UI Rendering”;

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