PairSelect.js : toggle HTML selectbox options

PairSelect.js is a jquery plugin to communicate between two HTML selectboxes. Suppose there are two multi select in a page and what you want is, after selecting a few items (options) from selectbox 1, if you click some button (suppose add button), it will move those options from selectbox 1 to selectbox 2. Now If you want to remove few options from selectbox 2, you click on a remove button of yours and it will remove those options from selectbox 2 and will add them back to selectbox one, exactly at the position where they were previously.

This plugin doesn’t run a sort function to place the options exactly at the place where there were in sectbox 1. Rather it checks where they exactly were previously and place them accordingly.


Dependency: jQuery 1.7 or above.

Supported in:

chrome firefox opera safari ie


Tutorial: Tutorial on Void Canvas

Fork on GitHub: