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VoidCanvas currently gets almost 2k readers a day and growing rapidly. We are JavaScript heavy blog and majority of our research and posts are on JavaScript ecosystem & web. From beginner to super advanced, from code snippet to theory, from tool creation to service usage; we cover a variety in

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Diving deep into JavaScript array – evolution & performance

Before starting the article I would like to state that this is not about the basic of JavaScript array. Neither about teaching syntaxes or showing usage examples. The article is more about memory representation, optimization, behavior differences over syntaxes, performance and the recent evolution. When I started using JavaScript for the

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One of the most rapidly evolving programming languages in today’s era is JavaScript. The prototype of JavaScript, which is EcmaScript is the main reason behind the JS’s fast pace. TC39, the committee which maintains EcmaScript decided to provide a specification release each year and JavaScript follows it with implementation. But

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20 best jQuery slider/carousel plugin comparison with demo

When it’s about reducing the hard-work & increasing the efficiency JQuery plugins have fulfilled the requirement perfectly. The main reason these plugins are earning huge popularity is because of the code reduction for a programmer. Most of the JQuery plugins are freely available on the internet with required tutorials so

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Create ssl / https server in nodejs

Sometimes there are needs to create https in your node application itself to create real life scenario or may be to test things like http/2 server push. Today I will show you how to create https server in node js, both with and without express. I will also talk about

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