JavaScript Learning with One-on-One Mentoring

VoidCanvas believes in knowledge sharing and shares as much as possible via blog posts which benefits thousands of users everyday for free. There are many discussions and question answers you can see on comment sections which also provide their share to increase your knowledge. But sometimes the case is to lift yourself as a programmer in your career. To help you in this we’ve started providing dedicated mentors to help you onboard in many technologies and shine more.

Everybody is not same. Every individual has different learning pattern.

Why One-on-One Mentoring?

Batch based learning:

  • Person A may understand a topic very quickly as compared to Person B who might little more time and mentoring. Conducting multiple batches ends up in utilizing lot of extra time since everybody should be on same page to move to next topic.
  • Assignments are not just designed to practice syntaxes. A carefully designed assignment helps you understand the concept with more clarity. But this is possible only if the mentor interacts with each and every student, to understand and clear their concepts.
    If the student is a quick-learner, the assignment difficulty levels can be different.

One-on-One Mentoring

  • Here, it’s just you and your mentor. Feel free to ask all the doubts you have without feeling embarrassed.
  • In case you feel that you need few days of rest or extra practice on some topics, the mentor will plan you schedule and put other topics on hold, until you are ready to resume learning again. This is never possible in batch based learning.

Course details

JavaScript as a language

  • Introduction to the language
    • A history
    • The journey
    • Some common myths
  • Let’s Hello world
  • All about DataTypes, Variables, Functions & Scope
  • Arithmetic, Logical & Bitwise operators
  • Array & Loops
  • DOM Manipulation
  • OOPS in JavaScript
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Hands-on & pair programming
  • An intermediate client side project

Time needed to master these topics (excluding project) : 20 hours


  • A brief introduction
    • How client side frameworks evolved
    • MVC & Components
    • A bit on Node.js & npm
  • Scaffolding & Hello World
  • Template & its syntaxes
  • Ember Objects, Computed properties & Observers
  • Routers & Model handling
  • Components
  • Model with Ember data
  • Ember testing
  • Hands-on & pair programming
  • An intermediate project on Ember.js

Time needed to master these topics (excluding project) : 10 hours

Node.js & Express

  • Introduction
    • What is Node.js
    • What is npm & how it changed the world
    • Asynchronous Module Definition
  • Scaffolding & Hello World
  • Creating a server & hosting files
  • Talks on REST apis & JSON
  • Creating an express application
  • CRUD api creation
  • How to structure the application
  • Hands-on & Pair programming
  • Api development project

Time needed to master these topics (excluding project) : 20 hours


Since we provide One-on-One mentoring; pricing varies from user to user. We will customize the course for those learners who might be already well versed with some of the topics and just need expert guidance to master them.
Feel free to contact us at with your requirements. We charge approximately $20/hr. We shall analyze and calculate total time and cost, based on your requirements.

Good day!