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Why to make your own mistakes when you can learn from someone else’s.

Why do you need a mentor?

  • Because you can’t talk to tutorials or videos.
  • If you are a beginner, a mentor can teach you programming with the help of real life examples, which are extremely easier to understand as compared to online tutorials.
  • If you are an intermediate, a mentor use his years of experience to turn you into a pro.
  • If you are a pro…well then you are a pro and can become someone else’s mentor!
  • A mentor can help you debug a code to find and fix the issue in your codebase.
  • A mentor can help you design your product while scaffolding.


For consulting $40/hr (first 15 mins free)
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If you need any mentoring to understand programming, learn coding, get hands-on practice, help with debugging, fix issues or need consultation on your projects feel free to contact

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Social Tek on ES6 Promise

Paul was an excellent mentor and went above and beyond to explain the code and how it operates. Would recommend A++

Social Tek

Doug Banville on Ember.js

Excellent! could not have been better.

Doug Banville

Micah on jQuery

Excellent feedback, Very smart guy and even with a little frustration he helped me solve an annoying issue. Thank you again!


Muhammad Ali Rizwan on JS Course

Very good session on handcoded JS (Array and DOM) - looking forward to the practice assignments and next session. Cheers Paul!

Muhammad Ali Rizwan