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Move option from one select box to another and vice versa

What is PairSelect.js? PairSelect.js is a very light weight jQuery plugin to specially made only to communicate between two selectboxes in a html page. This works similar to the ‘Add Chanel’ feature of Google adsense. Or sometimes in forms we see the things like this. Now it is easy to remove an

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GitHub Beginners Tutorial: How to start with

Intro to GitHub What is Git? Git is distributed revision control software, which allows a team of people to work together, sharing the same files. It tracks the version and as well as the history of every single file inside the project. That means in any point of time if you want

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Mathematical Expressions & Notations Using MathJax

Click Here To Download Click Here To View the Demo Few months back I was handling a project which was to develop mathematics based tools for primary school students. The tool includes solving linear and quadratic expressions. The total functionality of this tool is developed using JQuery. While developing the tool we

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