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Setup your node.js project easily with voidcanvas-cli

npm install -g voidcanvas Use node.js v4.1.2 or greater. Assuming that you are familiar with node.js and have already installed void canvas cli in your computer globally, using the command given above; I’m starting the hows’ and whys’ of this Command Line Interface. What is this cli for In simple words, it just

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Authentication using Google’s oAuth api with node.js

OAuth authentications are pretty popular now a days and another thing which is popular is JavaScript. This article shows how to plugin google’s oAuth api for authentication in your own node application. The github repo is also available. A background of oAuth OAuth is an authentication technique which provides you a secure

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Customize MAC terminal to look colorful like ubuntu

The default MAC terminal looks very lame, doesn’t matter which theme you are using. As a developer you need visibility in the terminal; thus, things should be colorful like ubuntu. This article gives you proper solution for that without installing any custom theme. The article contains the following: A readymade snippet to

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