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Explaining async await of ES8 with examples

A much awaited feature async await is available on your browser now (if you’re using chrome 55 or greater). Firefox will start supporting from version 52 an Safari from 10.1. Others will also follow the path. So, we can say we have entered the era of async await and now can

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Why I prefer Ember.js over Angular & React.js

It has been 5 years now, since I got myself involved into JavaScript. Be it developing projects, guiding people or publishing articles; I feel like, JavaScript gave me an identity, scope and most importantly satisfaction. Thanks JavaScript! In the last 5 years years I worked heavily in many JavaScript frameworks, be

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What is BlinkOn 7 and why is it trending?

Since last few days people in twitter were blinking on. 😀 BlinkOn started trending in JavaScript world and lot of big guns started posting about it. I knew a little about chrominum’s blink project, so was a little more curious to know more about blinkon. What is Chromium’s Blink Blink is the

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