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Make simple star rating by radio buttons using css

This is a very quick and simple tutorial on how to make star ratings very easily. We just need a css sprite image containing 3 different colored stars, radio buttons and some simple logic to design the css. Lets’s look at the code now. html file: <form id="ratingsForm"> <div class="stars"> <input type="radio" name="star" class="star-1"

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Make youtube like progress bar easily for your page

What is Youtube Progress Bar Youtube progress bar is the red colored progress bar that appears on top of a youtube page while loading (Not showing in all browers, try Chrome). Youtube is experimenting with ajax interface to make the site much faster. Due to the new ajax interface, the css

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jQuery slider without using jQuery UI plugin

Many of us know that it is very easy to implement jQuery slider using jQuery UI plugin. There mi8 be certain requirements that you cannot use any other plugins. In this tutorial am gonna implement jQuery slider without using jQuery UI plug in. For this I am going to take three

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