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9 npm packages you won’t believe exist

In last few years, JavaScript has become the most widely used language on earth. With the rise of JavaScript, especially node.js, the package manager of node, or npm has outplayed other popular package manager like pip (for python). There are hundreds of thousands of packages and are still growing. No wonder

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Loopback pros and cons

Seems there are quite a few posts in different blogs and forums about loopback benefits. I have been using loopback since a while now and have noticed, the other articles probably didn’t give a two way view. It’s always subjective to compare frameworks. So, please don’t take my words as a

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HTTP2 server push in depth with node.js

HTTP/2 or HTTP/2.0, the upgraded version of the HTTP network protocol is derived from an experimental protocol, named SPDY, developed by Google. It’s the first revision of HTTP protocol since HTTP1.1 and contains many useful features in it. The most interesting and promising feature of HTTP/2 is server push. This

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12+ must have Atom packages to work in JavaScript

For productive, efficient & faster coding we all need a comfortable as well as advanced text editor. Atom, a text editor developed by github, keeping every programmers capacity in mind. From beginner level programmers to super nerds atom is the perfect one for all. Approachable, modern yet hackable to the

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15+ best & essential VS Code extensions for JavaScript development

Visual studio code provides an amazing environment for development; especially for JavaScript developers. This free of cost cross-platform text editor was introduced by Microsoft and has managed to attract a large number of developers because of its better performance & long listed amazing features. Moreover Microsoft provides VS code’s new

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One of the most rapidly evolving programming languages in today’s era is JavaScript. The prototype of JavaScript, which is EcmaScript is the main reason behind the JS’s fast pace. TC39, the committee which maintains EcmaScript decided to provide a specification release each year and JavaScript follows it with implementation. But

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