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Things you did not know about JavaScript

Sometimes because of smart development and sometimes because of its architectural design error, we often see some strange behaviors of JavaScript. A developer should be aware of these kind of things to develop a perfect program. Even these help you in interviews and JavaScript puzzle exams too. Today I’ve posted some

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An Overview of Facebook’s React Javascript Framework

The javascript framework jungle is becoming denser day by day, as more and more framework trees are growing. Another new tree of this jungle is Facebook React. React is not quite like other javascript frameworks like Angular, Ember, Backbone, CanJs, etc. It’s made to solve very specific problem, “Complex UI Rendering”;

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Things you need to know before starting EmberJS

What is Ember? EmberJS is a client side web application framework, built on javascript, based on the MVC software architectural pattern. It’s not that it provides anything extra which you can’t do with traditional jQuery, MooTools or basic javascript, rather it works like a blackbox where methods, conventions, rules are predefined. 

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