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Why I prefer Ember.js over Angular & React.js

It has been 5 years now, since I got myself involved into JavaScript. Be it developing projects, guiding people or publishing articles; I feel like, JavaScript gave me an identity, scope and most importantly satisfaction. Thanks JavaScript! In the last 5 years years I worked heavily in many JavaScript frameworks, be

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What is BlinkOn 7 and why is it trending?

Since last few days people in twitter were blinking on. 😀 BlinkOn started trending in JavaScript world and lot of big guns started posting about it. I knew a little about chrominum’s blink project, so was a little more curious to know more about blinkon. What is Chromium’s Blink Blink is the

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How to define private variables in EcmaScript 2015 (ES6)

Since the world moved from ES5 to ES6, huge syntactical (not only syntactical) changes took place to make out JavaScript codebase more beautiful. Though every other syntaxes have been improved, but one thing which is troubling the developers is, how to declare the private variables inside a class. But unfortunately

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