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Load a page perfectly (with css & js) in a div using ajax

Ajax, one of the coolest techniques for web development, has brought a lot of dynamicity and flexibility to us. But it also has lot of limitations, and that’s why I always tell people to ask themselves whether they really need ajax or not before they start developing a project. Anyways, one

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Make youtube like progress bar easily for your page

What is Youtube Progress Bar Youtube progress bar is the red colored progress bar that appears on top of a youtube page while loading (Not showing in all browers, try Chrome). Youtube is experimenting with ajax interface to make the site much faster. Due to the new ajax interface, the css

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Should I use ajax? If yes, when, where and why?

What is AJAX? AJAX, an acronym for Asynchronous Javascript and XML is not basically a programming language. It is a technique for web applications to send and receive data from server asynchronously, without impacting the other contents or reloading the page. AJAX uses XMLHttpRequest object to communicate with the server, JavaScript/DOM

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