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Why I prefer Ember.js over Angular & React.js

It has been 5 years now, since I got myself involved into JavaScript. Be it developing projects, guiding people or publishing articles; I feel like, JavaScript gave me an identity, scope and most importantly satisfaction. Thanks JavaScript! In the last 5 years years I worked heavily in many JavaScript frameworks, be

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MVC vs Flux – which one is better?

MVC (client side) Flux Born on 1976 Born just a few years ago Bi directional data flow Uni directional data flow Data binding is the key Events or actions are the main players Controllers handles the business logic Store does all calculations Somewhat synchronous Can be implemented as completely asynchronous A trusted architecture used by a lot of companies in a lot

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Data binding in Angular JS 2.0 with examples

Angular 2.0 is still beta (I’m using beta.1 here). If you find any difficulties to implement those what’s written in the article (though I will try to keep the article updated always), please post a comment about that. Refer to the github repo for working examples. Since the dawn of JavaScript

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