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VoidCanvas currently gets almost 2k readers a day and growing rapidly. We are JavaScript heavy blog and majority of our research and posts are on JavaScript ecosystem & web.
From beginner to super advanced, from code snippet to theory, from tool creation to service usage; we cover a variety in JavaScript ecosystem.
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Who can write on VoidCanvas?

  • A programmer who is familiar with JavaScript & Web.
  • A person who want to give it back to the community.
  • Someone who is passionate about establishing his online identity.
  • Loves reading and exploring.


  • You can have your blog at
  • Lot of visitors to read your stuffs.
  • Immense scope of geek level learning & research.
  • Guidance to read & blog from experts.
  • Payment per article posts. Like a part time job.

How to start?

All you need to do is, drop us a mail along with the following details.

  • Your linkedin profile url or a resume.
  • Any article, code sample or contribution in programming Community.
  • Which country are you from.

Send us the mail at