If you are working inside the edge animate and you wanna play or pause the animation, you can simply use sym.play() and sym.stop() functions. But if you want to perform these kind of actions from any external javascript functions, you can’t do it just by writing the script ‘sym.stop()’. Here I’m describing a way to perform these from external javascript.

Code snippet & Explanation

If you download the source and open the edge-animation-handler.js file, you will find the following code there.

var comp;
AdobeEdge.bootstrapCallback(function(compId) {
	comp = AdobeEdge.getComposition(compId).getStage();
function vc_stop(){
function vc_play(){


Edge animate provides the AdobeEdge.bootstrapCallback() function, which is automatically triggered once an Edge composition is loaded and ready to play.


Returns the composition that owns this symbol instance. For example, you can use sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol(“symbolName”).play(); to get the stage from the composition level, get the symbol, and play the timeline.


Returns the stage symbol instance for the composition. The stage is a symbol JavaScript object. This is a very important function, cause you have to get the stage first to get the other elements inside the stage.

By the description of above three functions, I hope you can understand how the above snippet works. It just catches the composition or stage and sets the reference to the variable named ‘comp’. So ‘comp’ is similar to your ‘sym’ here and comp.play() is equivalent to sym.play() here.

Demo & Source code

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