What is BlinkOn 7 and why is it trending?

Since last few days people in twitter were blinking on. 😀
BlinkOn started trending in JavaScript world and lot of big guns started posting about it. I knew a little about chrominum’s blink project, so was a little more curious to know more about blinkon.

Blink is the new rendering engine for chromium since 2013. Chrominum people previously were using WebKit (a lightweight yet powerful rendering engine that emerged out of KHTML in 2001) and eventually moved to making a new rendering engine, which is forked from webkit itself. Thus, the browsers who were based on chromium (like google chrome, opera etc) are doing their html rendering using blink now. You can read about blink in chromium’s site.

What is BlinkOn

BlinkOn is a low-key conference for Blink contributors. In the conference people from different other organizations also participate if they have any suggestions for the improvement of Blink or Chromium. Below is a picture shared by one of the members in BlinkOn 7, which describes the participants.

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BlinkOn 7 is the latest summit of blink people held on Jan 31st and Feb 1st of 2017. As lot of people are already familiar of Blink in last few years, they started hunting for the live streaming of that conference as there were great people across the web development community attending. But unfortunately that streaming was not available. Few members from the conference was doing live tweeting. Some of the important and useful resources I was able to find on those tweets are given below in useful points & resources.

Useful points & resources

  • Chrome got 25% faster in the fast year.
  • React, Ember, Angular, Polymer, Babel and many more were attending BlinkOn 7.
  • Chrome’s engineering team has been working on reducing the power consumption on Chrome on Desktop.
  • Blink is committing to resolving all bugs within a year if it has more than 32 stars on the tracker.
  • Resources docs for BlinkOn 7
  • Youtube channel
  • Notes by Addy Osmani on BlinkOn 7
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