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Steps to Improve the Performance of Web Application

teaching essay writing In recent times performance has become a major hurdle in developing Web Applications. Though there are many applications with stunning design and interface, the performance of many such applications are not up to the mark. We often find web pages taking minutes to load. By following few steps

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jQuery slider without using jQuery UI plugin

Many of us know that it is very easy to implement jQuery slider using jQuery UI plugin. There mi8 be certain requirements that you cannot use any other plugins. In this tutorial am gonna implement jQuery slider without using jQuery UI plug in. For this I am going to take three

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Mathematical Expressions & Notations Using MathJax

Click Here To Download Click Here To View the Demo Few months back I was handling a project which was to develop mathematics based tools for primary school students. The tool includes solving linear and quadratic expressions. The total functionality of this tool is developed using JQuery. While developing the tool we

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