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A brief tutorial on ESLint

As we all know JavaScript is an interpreted language and you won’t come to know about the errors till the time you run the program and it hits the error prone code. This behavior leads wastage of time and hampers productivity. A solution of the above mentioned problem are linting

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How to insert & run jQuery in chrome console

Many a times we run into the need to testing some elements in some webpages which we don’t own. May be to do some reverse engineering or just to test something. If that webpage uses jQuery then it’s quite easy for us to do our reverse engineering; but in case

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Explaining padStart & padEnd – two ES8 string methods

EcmaScript 2017 or ES8 has introduced two new String prototype methods. padStart and padEnd. Both of them will be used in display related purpose. Even the name says it’s all about “padding”. You can add some extra spaces or dashes (or any other character), before of after a string.

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