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import vs require – ESM & commonJs module differences

ECMAScript Modules (ESM) are still in stage 3 (not finalized). require import Dynamic evaluation Static evaluation Throws error at runtime Throws error while parsing Non lexical Lexical As Node.js uses commonJS moduling, I will refer to the workflow of node to address the commonJS modules. And will refer the ECMAScript modules as ESM. Syntax difference CommonJS dep.js app.js ESM dep.js app.js Loading technique difference What Node.js does with

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Will JavaScript die due to WebAssembly?

We are so much into JavaScript today! JavaScript is no more a toy language. It’s there from the client to servers; from local machines to database. Some are also trying to code embedded in JS… we’re so much into JavaScript today. The noise of JavaScript is being heard by the non-JavaScript developers

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A brief tutorial on ESLint

As we all know JavaScript is an interpreted language and you won’t come to know about the errors till the time you run the program and it hits the error prone code. This behavior leads wastage of time and hampers productivity. A solution of the above mentioned problem are linting

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