3dEye.js is a jQuery plugin developed and maintained by www.voidcanvas.com, the web developers’ social community. This is a very lightweight plugin which is able to make a 3D view of an object with minimal effort. This plugin is cross browser supportable, and also runs smoothly in iOS and Android. The first version of this plugin (version no# 1.0.0) is released on July 2013.


Key features:

  1. You can move the object with your mouse to see its 3d view.
  2. It supports in all major browsers.
  3. It works fine in Android and iOS mobile devices (touch).
  4. Very easy to use.

Why 3d Eye is better than other 360 degree panorama plugins:

  1. It is very light weight. 3dEye is one of the smallest plugins with only 1.5KB volume.
  2. Though there are few more plugins who creates a 360 degree panoramic view, but you will hardly find any which works smoothly in touch devices. 3dEye works in all touch devices without any other touch plugin support.
  3. It’s very easy to use. You need not to provide each and every image link. Just provide the link of the folder where you’ve kept the panoramic images and provide the extension of the images and leave rest of the things on 3dEye.
  4. You need not to provide the height width separately; it will automatically take the physical size of your images.

You also can view the Live Demo of 3dEye.js

live-demo-button download-button

Supports in:

safari chrome firefox opera ie android iphone

We also provide CDN link:

Latest: http://voidcanvas.com/plugins/3deye-latest.min.js

Version 1.0.0: http://voidcanvas.com/plugins/3deye-1.0.0.min.js

To learn how to use this plugin, please Read Tutorial.