3 SEO risks in backlink creation after the Google Penguin 2.0 update

If maximum people know you in your locality, it means YOU are popular. And if your site is linked with other websites, it means your SITE is popular. This is the main reason why Google ranks pages according to their number of backlinks. But basing on this, few people started making fake backlinks, exchange links, buy and sell backlinks. And in a few extents they also have been succeeded, and now a days the bloggers are very keen to make backlinks and posts their links here and there without thinking much. But Google has become very strict and developed new algorithms with code name Panda, and followed by Penguin to restrict the spam sites or bad links to rank high.

So you must know what the risks with backlinks are, and what you should not do at all, to keep your site well reputed and prevent it to rank down by Penguin 2.0 update.

The Anchor Tag: If the majority of the anchor tags of other sites, linking your site is keyword rich, Google will consider it unnatural and treat it as a spam. Then it will go down to the keyword level and decrease your page ranking. This will not affect the whole site but the page which is linked. So if you are posting your links with the same anchor text or ‘alt’ attribute, stop doing that right away.

Buy Sell Backlinks: This is no more a good solution to buy backlinks to rank your site high. Even it can be dangerous. Buying/selling backlinks have been one of the major tactics to fool Google, and that’s why in Penguin 2.0 update Google started distinguishing between organic links and spam links. Avoid using any backlink generators and don’t buy backlinks.

Regular Link Posting: posting the link of your site again and again and again in various blogs or forums in a short span of time may become harmful for your site as Google will treat this as spamming and will decrease the page rank of your site going to the keyword level.

Now one question may be rising its head in your mind, that, “how should I create backlinks then, as Google has stopped all the major ways?”  So, here are few ways which you can follow.

Normal Sharing by Visitors: I’ve seen many people asking and requesting others to share their contents. But why should he share? Ofcourse they won’t. The best way is to make quality contents. Yes, if you create quality contents, people will like and share your posts for sure. In Void Canvas when I posted articles like text wave animation, they have been shared by a lot of people without even asking. So focus on the contents, there is no other effective way like this one.

Guest Blogging: A very old trend to get backlinks is guest blogging. There are lot of sites which let you post articles on their blog. Post there regularly and include your website link, but don’t be spammy. Keep it natural. This is a real effective way if the site providing you guest blogging platform is a popular and PR1 site. Avoid posting in low level blogs, it won’t help much. Another advantage in high level blogs are, if your post looks spammy, they won’t let you post it.

Reply in Forums: Replying in forums posts is one of the best ways to get backlinks. But be careful now as Penguin 2.0 may consider you as a spammer. Don’t just post your link, first think whether you can post the link as an answer of that particular question or not. If your link is not related to that question directly, don’t post.

Be normal, don’t try to use any special trick or tactic, just follow the normal SEO rules, create quality contents, add share buttons, and that will be enough to rank high in Google now.

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