10 best jQuery Parallax plugin comparison with demo

The design of a product is as important as the uses of it. An easier, useful & stylish appearance or user interface definitely attracts more people.
Even the virtual world doesn’t deny the concept. Most of the successful websites invest a healthy amount of time and money in website designing, making it look more classy with better user interface.
Parallax is doing the same task by improving the look and feel of an website and giving the contents an alive touch.

Before we start listing out, let’s use some lines explaining the parallax for the novice.

What is parallax in web designing?

Parallax is a scrolling style where the background content & the foreground content moves at a different speed while scrolling.
Click here to find out how a website behaves using or without using the parallax.

You will find hundreds of video tutorial showing how to code for parallax scrolling, Well, keeping the knowledge is surely not a bad idea but most of the time we will be doing it using parallax jQuery plugin.
A long list of such plugins are available in the market with their own features & advantages. To save your valuable time, VoidCanvas is shortlisting the best 10 parallax jQuery plugin to choose from.

Take a look at the comparison table for better understanding.

Name Size(Kb) Browser Touch or Mobile Compatible Documentation GitHub Stars
FullPage.js 7Kb Almost All Good 21,000+
Stellar.js 13 Almost All Need to add touch library Good 4,300+
PagePiling.js 10 Modern Good 3,100+
SuperScrollOrama 16 Modern X Good 2,400+
Parallax.js 11 Almost All Good 2,200+
ScrollMe 6 Modern Good 1,200+
MultiScroll.js 10 Almost All Good 1,100+
JInvertScroll ~2 Almost All poor 540+
jQuery.parallax-scroll 10 Almost All Mid 190+
Enllax.js ~1 Almost All Mid 160+

Top 10 Parallax jQuery Plugin for Your Website

All the jQuery parallax extensions mentioned below have their own features & uniqueness, so i will recommend you to take a look at all the extensions here and wisely choose the perfect one for you.


fullpage.js helps creating attractive one-page or single-page(full screen) websites. The library is very easy to use and definitely best in the business. It not only helps creating full-screen scrolling websites, but also makes it possible to add couple of landscape sliders inside the website’s section.



  • Supported by all modern browsers. Even works fine on some old versioned browsers like Opera 12 or IE 8.
  • Can add different starting point instead of the first section.
  • Possible to add landscape sliders.
  • Anchor links can be added in any section.
  • Size of a section can be customized.
  • Lazy loading, Auto play-pause.
  • Both vertical & horizontal movement available.
  • Compatible for touch screen devices too.
  • Comes with many customizable features.

Demo Download


One of the widely used jQuery parallax plugin. Using this plugin one can easily add parallax scrolling to any element. If you are targeting touchable mobile devices too, you may need to add a touch scrolling library with a slight changes in the code. Click here for better understanding of stellar.js for touch screen devices.



  • Can be moved both directionally.
  • Customizable element scrolling speed.
  • Highly configurable.

Demo Download


Compatible with PCs, mobiles, tablets, PagePiling.js lets you design a website having different sections lying one on another. By simple scrolling user can reveal each section in a sliding animated way.
P.S: You need to include javaScript & css file inside the HTML if you are willing to make this animation work on older browsers like Internet Explorer 7, else the sliding animation won’t work on the older browsers.



  • Pile sections one over another.
  • Upwards sliding animation(by default) reveals each section, horizontal sliding is also possible.
  • Works perfectly fine on PCs, Mobiles or Tablets.
  • Compatible with touch devices too.
  • Plenty of options, methods & callbacks.
  • Can work on old browsers too.

Demo Download


SuperScrollOrama provides cool jQuery parallax effect. It gives amazing performance & smooth as it has the power of TweenMax & GT Engine.
P.S: Doesn’t work well with mobile or touch devices. If you want such animations.



  • Super smooth animation with great performance.
  • You can have flying or smashing effects.
  • Animations like fading, scaling or pinning available here.
    Demo Download


Another popular jQuery parallax plugin. parallax.js basically generates a fixed / permanently positioned element for every parallax image at the beginning of the document’s body. The other elements will be positioned above this mirror element. The dimensions & position will be matched accordingly of its aimed object.
Make sure All parallax objects & the beneath layers are transparent, so that your website can achieve the perfect parallax effect. In case this element consists no content, still assure that it is having some fixed / permanent dimensions or you won’t find the result you are looking for.



  • Easy to use.
  • Light weight. (11Kb)
  • Attractive animations.

Demo Download


Add simple parallax scrolling effect by using this ScrollMe jQuery plugin. Compatible for modern browser (IE 10), If you want the animations to work perfectly & smoothly.



  • Very simple to use, almost no configuration needed.
  • It has the ability to rotate, scale, translate, move or change opacity of any element available on the web page.
  • Preferred for modern browsers.

Demo Download


Create very attractive divided multi-scrolling web pages. This jQuery plugin splits the webpage in two vertical scrolling sections when you scroll down. Can customize the scrolling speed, keyboard scrolling, easing and many more. Works absolutely fine with old browsers like IE 8.



  • Easy to use.
  • Very attractive.
  • Divided multi-scrolling effect.
  • Works fine on touch & mobile devices too.
  • Compatible with mobile devices too.
  • Different options, callbacks, methods available.

Demo Download


If you want your contents to move horizontally (while scrolling downwards), jlnvertScroll can be the perfect one.



  • Light weight.
  • Moves horizontally.
  • Exceptionally easy to use.
  • Almost no configuration required.

P.S: In case the size of the content is larger than the device’s size, user will get a clipped content.

Demo Download


jQuery.parallax-scroll only provides parallax effect for vertical page scrolling. It uses CSS3-3D transitions & requestAnimationFrame. It works on both PCs & mobiles perfectly.



  • Smooth effect.
  • Only works for vertical parallax scrolling.
  • Multiple animation setting up is possible.
  • Uses CSS3-3D transitions & requestAnimationFrame.
  • 3D effects.

Demo Download


Among all the plugins mentioned here, Enllax is the lightest one (~1Kb). It provides a beautiful parallax scrolling effect for both background & foreground elements.



  • Lightest weight (~1 Kb).
  • Very easy to use.
  • Provides a beautiful parallax scrolling effect for both background & foreground elements.
  • Works on both direction, vertical & horizontal.

Demo Download

Comment below if you have found a better jQuery parallax plugin. We will include it in our list.

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