1 step solution for magento “Your design change for the specified store intersects with another one, please specify another date range” error

Magento is becoming more and more popular day by day with it’s super flexible e-commerce system. But it’s having a lot of issues with it’s skin. And one of most common issues regarding skin or theme change is, “Your design change for the specified store intersects with another one, please specify another date range” error. While setting a new theme or to switch back to the previous one, people use to find this error very often. Today I’m telling you a very simple one step solution to shoot this error.

Steps to fix it:

Go to your phpMyAdmin

Open the phpMyAdmin portal from your hosting panel.

Select the database

Select the database where you’ve stored your magento data.

Find the table

Find out the table named “design_change”. If you set any prefix while installing magento then the name of the table will be “yourprefix_design_change”.

Delete the records

Just delete everything from the table (DO NOT DROP the table. JUST DELETE the RECORDS). You either can delete the records manually or you can go to the SQL tab, copy and paste the following querry, and click on the “Go” button.

DELETE FROM yourprefix_design_change

After a successful deletion you will be able to change your design (skin or theme) from your magento admin portal.

** Each and every time before doing a design change you have to perform this deletion.

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    Its a shame this issue still exists; it would be nice to resolve it without having to delete the records.

    • metalshan

      yaa.. As an organization they must fix their bugs… It’s really unfortunate

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    great, thanks, I was racking my brain why I couldn’t change the design, as I had change it through System > Design (instead of from System > Configuration)

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